softwine is a place for anyone curious about wine to learn and be inspired.

Content here is produced by a person out of authentic passion for the world of wine, but also with full transparency into how technology might aid (or potentially disrupt) our learning and enjoyment in the industry.


The blogs are meant to be quick reads, engaging, and educational. Topics will rotate frequently and cover any and everything wine. Be sure to check out the support page where you can share a glass of wine with the site's creator and suggest future posts. I aim to post weekly!

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wine pics

Almost every graphic, logo, and image on softwine is unique and created specifically for its positioning on the site. They are meant to be enjoyed and there are zero limitations on how you may download and redistribute anything you find here.

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For anyone interested in a deeper learning experience, Ai-powered study materials will be routinely added and updated. softwine's creator and editor has completed the WSET Diploma, and aims to provide content that would fit a similar program.

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is this an AI-generated site?

Parts are, but not really. And I get it, AI can be a controversial topic - so here's my disclaimer:

First off - all written content on softwine is created by me. Some is aided by LLM technologies, but only with the highest level of skepticism, creative intent, and editing.

Second - I was also drawn to wine by the natural appeal of a product with so much tradition and an industry so dedicated to personal connection. At the end of the day, this is only a small piece of how I am continuing my learning journey - I hope it can be for you too.